About the Conference

The purpose of this program is to provide essential financial risk management training for Florida’s agricultural producers.

Florida’s economy depends to a great degree upon its specialty crop producers, so it is critical that these producers have strong financial management skills to proactively manage their risks and identify and capitalize on opportunities to remain competitive and viable in the world marketplace.


Through the generosity of our sponsors and a USDA specialty crop block grant, we are able to provide an affordable program that provides farmers and producers with information vital to the financial success of their businesses. The program targets not only producers, but also office managers and professionals who support the industry, such as accountants and attorneys. The FAFMC is a collaborative effort to enhance Florida’s specialty crop industry that includes specialty crop producers and their trade organizations, UF IFAS Extension, lenders, accountants, attorneys, and other allied suppliers.

OrangeThis concentrated training seminar will help growers and distributors address the overall financial health of their business: budgeting, insurance, marketing and investment strategies and allow them to strengthen their financial foundation so they can focus attention on other areas critical to their business success.

The goal is to increase participant’s financial risk management skills to:

  • Examine cash flow analyses, custom reports and real-time technology for a 360 degree look at financial performance.
  • Evaluate the impact of dash boards, benchmarking and cash vs. accrual accounting on business strategy.
  • Maximize daily operations and financial results by utilizing economic indicators and performance metrics.
  • Enhance understanding of financial markets, income tax planning and overall business management and marketing.
PlantingThe 47,000 farms across the state of Florida produce more than 280 different grown commodities to contribute to the food, fiber and renewable fuel base. The need to maintain the financial security of the agricultural commodity community is vital to the wellbeing of the Florida economy that depends on more than $130 billion in agricultural sales revenue, as well as to meet consumer demands for a safe and affordable food supply.  It is also an important response to the consumer trend of “buy local.” Good health is now as important to some consumers as having the biggest, newest or shiniest status symbols. Growing numbers of consumers expect products and services to improve their quality of life.

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